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Snore Guards in Orange, California

If you or a loved one snores, we can help! Dr. Russell Kelly offers snore guards to help keep the airways open while asleep, preventing snoring and helping you breathe easier so that you and your loved ones can get the rest needed to stay healthy. Call us today at 714-532-3331 to learn more about snore guards in Orange, California, and schedule your appointment with our dentist!

Snoring can be a common nighttime issue for many people (and their families), and it is often caused by airway obstructions, such as large tonsils, collapsing tissues in the throat or the tongue rolling back. During sleep, airway muscles relax, and these tissues can make the upper airway more narrow, leading to snoring.

To help you and those around you sleep peacefully, we offer treatment for snoring through oral appliance therapy. Custom-made oral appliances can be made for you to wear while you sleep to prevent your tongue from rolling back or to hold your jaw in a position to keep the airway tissues from collapsing. These adjustments will ensure that your airway stays free of obstructions throughout the night. Our dentist will create your custom oral appliance to fit comfortably and work effectively to minimize snoring and allow you to sleep peacefully.

If you suffer from frequent snoring, we encourage you to reach out to us today and schedule your consultation with our dentist in the City of Orange.

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